Summer nanny jobs have to be the best way to dip your toe into the nanny or au pair life.

You are looking for a summer job, perhaps to help fund college fees or to go travelling at the end of summer


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but you would like something different from the usual student jobs such as working in a bar, restaurant or retail sales assistant.  Baby sitting is also a popular student job and has the added advantage that one can work full time or part time by day whilst baby sitting at night for people who know and trust you.



There is no law that says you have to be a minimum age to babysit for other children; however, it is recommended that nobody under 16 should be left to care for young children especially an infant.  Baby sitting is a responsible role as there is a child or children in a house in your care.  Have the phone numbers of the children’s parents, local doctor and close friends or relatives of the family who can be contacted in an emergency.

summer nanny jobs
A must read to find summer nanny jobs and ideas where to look

Many seeking summer nanny jobs gravitate to London England as nannies are more popular and more main stream in the UK and some say the ‘home’ of the nanny. Other big cities like New York, Paris, Dublin for example are popular also due to high income earners who can afford a nanny and because of the greater availability of jobs and the freedom and excitement which a big city brings. London jobs is a good place to start your search for a summer nanny as here you will earn the most and always has a plethora of jobs on offer. Many student jobs are listed online or with nanny services as they tend to be short term which suits both parties. Generally there are many housekeeping jobs on offer but these are very British type jobs and can be hard to get into as they more than likely are looking for someone long term and with plenty of experience and references.

A summer nanny job is perhaps not the most exciting job for teenagers and students but it pays well and is a means to an end over the summer.


The summer always sees a big growth in the tourism industry so hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and indeed private houses have housekeeping jobs available, if you cannot find one in a private house. The general duties can range from cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors and replenishing supplies such as soap and toilet paper. Housekeeping jobs generally have fixed hours and mostly during the day consequently you are in a position to make extra money through baby sitting or working in the hospitality industry or private functions for overtime pay in the evenings.

So what exactly is a summer nanny job? and what is required of you?

summer nanny job treat for yourself
Treat yourself to something nice but practical heading off on your summer nanny jobs!


Summer nanny jobs as the title implies essentially means being employed for the summer by a family to look after their children during the school holidays whilst the parents are at work.  It is a responsible role as the summer nanny is entrusted with other people’s children to keep safe and to make the summer a fun time for the children in his/her care.  A summer nanny will plan the children’s activities and take them to sports lessons or games, music lessons and a whole range of activities the children may be engaged in as well as organising day trips.  A summer nanny may very well have to do some academic work with the children during their holidays.  There will be some housework involved as in getting the children’s meals, making their beds and generally cleaning up after the children.

For the avoidance of tears or frustration later it is important when you interview with parents for summer nanny jobs that pay and payment dates, hours of work, time off and if driving is involved that you are covered on their car insurance and all other relevant details are clarified and established.  Establish if you will accompany the children if and when the family go on vacation at home or abroad.  If not required during vacation time will you still get paid?  It is advisable when you meet with the parents that the children be present as it affords you the opportunity to gauge their personalities and help you decide whether you believe you would be comfortable with those children for the entire summer.


Summer nanny jobs will mean you are busy all the time, will help your organisational and interpersonal skills, test your patience at times but as I said in the opening paragraph of this article if you are looking for something different from the usual summer student jobs then summer nanny jobs is worth trying at least once. It will also open your eyes to a whole new world in childcare that you might not have thought of and if it is for you then the world is your oyster in terms of opportunities and in fact travel opportunities. There is also a whole au pair world out there where you can travel the world and get paid for it. Read up more on how to get started in the post get yourself registered with au pair world or there are plenty to choose from so get online. London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles watch out !!

Jobs for teens in general tend to be sourced in the area the teen lives in as it is unlikely a teen will be allowed move to a big city, plus the money will not pay enough for them to be self sufficient. Jobs for teens are many and varied and encompass roles such as washing cars, light gardening, dog walking.  Older teens can work as sales assistants in the retail industry, waiters/waitresses in a restaurant, café or hotel and baby sitting and housekeeping jobs for older teens.  Generally one must be 18 to work in a bar if serving alcohol.  Golf caddy and lifeguards are other jobs for teens which may be available depending obviously where you live.

summer camp great summer nanny jobs experience also
Summer Camp

Another area for student jobs which differs from the norm is working in a summer camp.

Summer camp is a supervised programme for children or teenagers which take place during the summer months in some countries.  Most people associate summer camp with the great outdoors but there are camps with a variety of specialised activities for instance music, computers and language learning.  Summer camp is huge in the USA and children go to enjoy the great outdoors.  Summer camp is a place to have fun, learn new skills, to grow as an individual, to play games and enjoy experiences.


There are about 12,000 camps in the USA of which 7,000 are overnight camps, consequently there are a whole range of jobs on offer in summer camp. Camps love to employ international staff as it adds a new dimension to that particular camp. Each year specialist companies in the UK and Ireland send thousands of students and adults under 30 to work in these camps.  These companies sort out visas, a job as a camp counsellor working with children with the added benefit of free food, accommodation whilst earning money and with time off to explore the USA at the end of camp.


There are many nanny services companies that specialise in providing nannies to families. read HERE to find out more on this.  Generally these are full time nanny roles consequently character references, police vetting, experience and some child care qualifications may be required. Some of these roles will be as a live in nanny as in live full time with the family in their house, whereas others will live out and present themselves for work each day.

Here is an article from the Boston Globe about 20 year old Hannah who talks about summer nanny jobs and what’s involved Summer Nanny is always on the go.



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