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Live In Nanny Jobs Surrey


  • £120.00 per day
  • Virginia Water
  • 25 August
  • 29 applications
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Job Description for Full-time Live-in Nanny for family with two daughters based in Virginia Water, Surrey. Summary:- An UHNW private family based in Virginia Water, Surrey are looking to take on a live-in Nanny to help with the child-care of their two daughters (aged 8yrs and 6yrs). The right candidate…


Live-in Nanny Housekeeper for young family in Weybridge.


  • £80.00 per day
  • Weybridge
  • Today
  • 0 applications

Job Description for long term Live-in Nanny Housekeeper for young family in Weybridge. Summary:- This position is a lovely position with a young and ‘hip’ family They have two beautiful children and they are looking for a fabulous live in to help with the children and the chores. The family are offering…


These are just 2 quick samples of the types of nanny and live in nanny jobs that appear on in a quick search where I picked the United Kingdom as my country of choice to work in. There are multiple websites and recruitment agencies whose sole purpose is to make money in positioning nannies with families in need. I chose Reed recruitment as they must pay most for SEO as they appeared on the top of the pile – plus they have a worldwide presence and are also very reputable. They don’t however just specialise in positioning nannies so if you wanted a more hands on boutique style agency who’s niche was in Childcare again revert to Google and narrow your search.

If you searched for just jobs London on the Reed Recruitment site you would get results for accounting jobs, teaching jobs, banking jobs. However if you were to go to a site like you would quickly know this was a childcare site geared towards both parents and childcarers. I have elaborated on nanny services and how to choose between nanny finding websites and nanny agencies in another article HERE and also in the ins and outs of a live in nanny so I won’t repeat myself but instead in this post will try and look at things from the nannies perspective a bit more.

live in nanny jobs
Mary Poppins probably the most famous Nanny

I found this extract from a Day in the Life of a Nanny living in Paris France – this will give anyone toying with the idea of becoming a live in nanny what is involved and what to expect.


A Day in the Life of a Nanny by Odette


So many people have asked me what exactly I do out here so I figured that I'd give you a brief run-down on my typical day.

I work Monday to Friday. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday go something like this:

I start work at 8am, which means that I get up at 7:50, throw on clothes and go downstairs to the family's apartment. There I do everything from getting the girls (little R, 4 Yrs old and Big R. 5 almost 6 yrs old) dressed (trust me this job is probably the toughest because they are tired and grouchy and mesmerized by the TV) to feeding the baby. Before I leave I have to make sure that the following things get done:

- Girls: dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair brushed with their shoes and coats on ready to go
- Baby: dressed, fed, clean, lunch put together (consists of 1 baby food plate, 2 yogurts and 1 compote), Coat (hat, mittens      and scarf) on ready to go
- Kitchen clean (clean up after the parents and the kids)
- Girls' room clean (I make the beds put away all the toys etc.)

THEN at normally 9 -9:15 me and the baby head out to daycare.
Drop baby at Daycare, go home shower (normally this brings me to 10 - 10:45)
At this point I usually go back to sleep, but if I am feeling okay I will sometimes go for a walk or go to the market and buy veggies and fruit. Sometimes I go visit friends or watch a movie. Mondays I do laundry so I am normally home all day.

At 15:30 I go pick the baby up at daycare then go pick up the girls at school. They each go to different schools. Little R goes to Maternelle, so I have to pick her up at 16:20 take the baby out of the stroller and carry him upstairs to Little R's class to get her. Then I attempt to get Little R to follow me so that we can pick up her sister around the corner for 16:30. However Little R takes her sweet time and never hurries up so I am always panicking about missing Big R. Big R is in CP around the corner and her school lets out at 16:30 and she just walks out on her own.

By 16:45 I have all 3 kids and at this point we'll either go to the park, the library or home. We play for about an hour (Big R and I do her homework, which can take anywhere from 5 mins to an hour depending on how big the fit she throws is) and then I get the bath ready and give the baby his bath. The girls take their baths after the baby and I feed the baby and make the girls' dinner. Dinner usually consists of a vegetable of some sort, a starch (pasta or rice) and meat or something containing meat (ie Steak hachee, crepes, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, chicken...)

By 19:00 I normally have the girls eating and at some point the parents get home. If Mme R is the one that gets home I get to leave right away, if it is M. R then I need to stay and help. Normally by 20:00 I am off. At this point I either eat and go to my room or I go out with friends for drinks or to the Opera or something. In any case I get to bed around 23:00 - 1:30.

Wednesdays all 3 kids are with me all day (no school for the girls), so I just try to plan activities and keep them sane all day.

Thursdays after school I get to drop Little R off at Judo, which is a positive thing because she has the most amazingly gorgeous Judo instructor in the world. Aaahhhh. I look forward to Thursdays all week.

Saturdays and Sundays I normally spend doing nothing. I have brunch with friends, go for walks, go to museums etc. etc. I love it! Normally at night I go out and total chaos ensues.

That is my typical week in a nutshell. No week is ever typical though. Lately Mme R has been working from home so I don't have to get up every morning (I sleep in till like 11) and sometimes I go out of town for the weekend and so I get to take some days off (Thursday Friday for example). My life is pretty cushy I am not gonna lie! So I love Paris, I love my life here. With that said I really have to go start living said life. So peace!


Each nanny’s responsibilities are unique and will be negotiated with the family or employer prior to placement.

Your live in nanny salary will depend on your age, childcare experience, education, and the contract with your employers. Somewhere in the region of $8-$15 per hour if in the USA or in the UK £300-£350 net per week for experienced nannies. There are some minimum requirements that you should try to obtain to make yourself as employable as possible and to guarantee yourself not just summer jobs but permanent well paid positions with career prospects if not as a live in nanny then in other childcare jobs.

Live in Nanny jobs Requirements:  These may change or vary if you go through recruitment agencies or use nanny services, but these will be what you should strive to achieve and have prepared in advance so you are ready to start as soon as possible.


I have adapted these for both US and UK markets.

  • High school diploma or completed School.
  • One year or more experience in daycare, a year or more experience as a nanny (other than family), having or working on a degree in a child-related field i.e. child development, teaching, child & family services, etc. Solely babysitting experience or minor childcare experience would not suffice.
  • Have very good English
  • No dependents.
  • First Aid or CPR certificates.
  • Willing to sign a contract for a minimum of one year and be prepared to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. Exceptions: summer nanny jobs or temporary nannies.
  • S. citizenship or have a working visa for the United Kingdom (if required).
  • Possess a valid and preferably clean driver’s license a big bonus.
  • Being in good health.
  • Have a minimum of 2 childcare references that can be verified. These can include previous nanny experience, daycare experience, teaching experience, home childcare experiences and also two character references.
  • A police check or criminal record check must be performed in the home country of any applicant who will be working as a Live in Nanny or Nanny.
  • It is now a legal requirement that Nannies working with children under the age of 18 obtain a United Kingdom Criminal Record Bureau check, after they have been resident in the UK for six months. Criminal background checks will also be needed for the US and social security checks.
  • Most families nowadays require non-smokers.
live in nanny jobs pay
Pay day! – nanny salary.
 Some of the benefits of a nanny job or I suppose the requirements your employer should provide:


  • Pay your tax contributions – your new employer will pay your tax contributions so you can build up your tax credits.
  • Pay your National Insurance contributions
  • Have an employment contract – offers you security plus there are no misunderstandings in terms of both parties responsibilities.
  • Receive payslips – so you can see all your earnings and deductions.
  • You should earn the minimum national wage – in the UK this is £6.50 per hour. You will be paid more than this but just to be aware – live in nanny salary is about £300-£350 per week.
  • Live-in nannies’ salaries include room and board. A separate bedroom is provided for the nanny’s privacy. Most families also provide a private bathroom or one shared with the children. Own TV and wifi are also the norm.
  • Paid annual leave – minimum 4 weeks paid leave.
  • Pension – In the UK as a nanny you earn more than £10,000 per year and are over 22 years old your employer is required by law to set up a pension scheme for you. Contributions start at 1% of a nanny’s gross salary until September 2017 (along with a 0.8% nanny contribution and 0.2% by the government). An employer’s contribution will rise to 3% by 2018.
  • Entitled to notice of termination of employment – during the first month this is 1 week and thereafter it is one months’ notice by both parties – make sure to get this in your contract just in case things don’t pan out like you though they would.
  • Minimum working hours – 9-10 hours per day with no more than 48 hours per, unless you both agree on longer hours in advance (again try get this in writing).
  • Maternity rights – If you fall pregnant while working for your family you are entitled to maternity leave and full statutory rights.
  • Medical Insurance – Some families contribute toward medical insurance, but it is not a requirement, but bring it up in the interview and they might agree – if you don’t ask!!
  • Travel – Some families may need you, their nanny to accompany them in travel. This is not usually a requirement but can be a plus for those nannies that enjoy travel.

There are many obligations that families or your future employers must comply with so get to know your rights and what is expected from families.

Like what you have read? get to travel the world more or less for free and stay with some great families in good locations – remember you are not forced to commit to any family so you are deciding where you will work and live so this is a great plus. If you want to live and work in London, then look for London jobs, if it is New York or Paris then try there, there are huge benefits of a nanny job and this can open doors to other childcare and childminding positions. So you are probably wondering how to become a nanny? If so then read on 7 step guide on how to become a nanny.

If you have any stories or experiences you would like to share drop us a line on your Contact form.

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