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Me and my family have personal experience with hiring au pairs, having four young boys and both of us being working parents, we found it a financial strain putting them all in a crèche or nursery or in fact with childminders all day long. It wasn’t until friends of ours talked about hiring an au pair that we decided to jump on the band wagon and go down the same route. The kids are in the comfort of their own home with familiar surroundings and all their toys and for us the big time saving was not having to have them up, dressed and fed to get out the door to work.

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My sister also did a stint as an au pair many many years back, she travelled to a host family in Spain to perfect her Spanish while gaining experience working with young children while doing a masters in psychology. She found the whole experience of finding an agency, host family, college to study Spanish and so forth all very time consuming and tedious and she felt she did not give herself enough time to do her research on where to go and stay and in the end rushed into something. She had a great experience and would highly recommend the whole au pair world! but just advises anyone to plan plan and plan again. Take your time as it is a year of your life.

In our post we have just covered some practical advice for au pairs looking to travel to different countries like South Africa or Canada covering topics such as Visa requirements, registering for online agencies. From the other perspective the host family should bear in mind that they are bringing someone into their house to more or less raise their children so a decision should not be made rashly. Au Pair or Nanny what is the difference anyway? All these questions are covered to help both au pairs and host family enjoy what is a great experience for all.

If you had a story or topic that you think would fit in on the site please drop us a message on our contact page and we will happily review it for you.

Happy hunting.